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Best Picks this Week!

Hats, Gloves, Leg Warmers and Winter Essentials
Protective Masks
Brushed Fiber Leggings - Ankle Length Prints SOL0P
Magic Convertible Ribbed Sweater
Oblong Scarves - Cashmere Feel 0940002
Crystal Zipper Sweater*
Crystal Zipper Sweater Vest*
Magic Convertible Long Ribbed Sweater
Magic Convertible Long Ribbed Sweater Vest
Oblong Scarves - Abstract Bohemian 1094
Infinity Scarves - Plaid 7339
Faux Suede Vests
Vests - Spandex Blend (Style 2)
Infinity Scarves - Woven Plaid 8737 8435/8628
Brushed Fiber Leggings - Ankle Length Solids SOL0S
Magnetic Brooches - Artful Design - Plain Back
Hats - 100 Percent Wool w/ Brim
Poncho - Solid Cashmere Feel 8672
Cashmere Feel Button Shawls (Jeweled Buttons)
Pashmina Style Shawls with Buttons
Oblong Shawls - Herringbone Ombre 8879
Oblong Scarves/Shawls - Plaid 9525
Cashmere Blend Shawls
SUEDE CLOTH Art Design Shawls with Buttons
Metallic Print Shawls with Buttons
Cashmere Feel Button Shawls (Wooden  Buttons)
Brushed Fiber - V-Neck Long Sleeve Top 2054
Poncho - Mottled Tweed 1691
Jeggings - Fur Fleece Lined 0023
Brushed Fiber - Round Neck Long Sleeve 2053
Boat Neck 3/4 Sleeve Flared Top w/ Pockets 1632
Boat Neck Hi-Lo Top w/ Wooden Buttons 2082
Cardigan - Woven Chiffon with Shoulder Pleat 2721
Slouchy Pocket Open Cardigan 1443
Tops - Long Sleeve Round Neck Pleated 1658
Tops - Leopard Print Side Panel Long Sleeve 43023
Tops -3PC SET-Cotton Top & Jogger with  Mask 32015
Set -Cotton V-Neck Top & Leggings 13011
Protective Masks - Cotton Blend Two Ply CMK/CPMK
Cardigan Set - Lace Patch Slouchy Pocket 1446
Slouchy Pocket Open Cardigan Prints 320