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Best Picks this Week!

Magnetic Brooches and Eyeglass Holders
Kimono - Vintage Lace 1C12, 9036, & 9312
Poncho - Sheer Striped 9690
Kimono Vests - Lurex Sheer 9647
Jersey Knit Vests - Solid Color Texture 9718
Poncho - Leopard Print 1C92
Chiffon Poncho - Open Shoulder w/ Tassels 1C73
Scarves with Magnetic Clasps
Magic Crush Georgette - Three Quarter Sleeve*
Georgette Mini Pleats - Cap Sleeve V-Neck
Georgette Mini Pleats - Half Sleeve V-Neck
Georgette Mini Pleats - Cap Sleeve with Collar
Georgette Mini Pleats - Blouse
Brushed Fiber Leggings - Ankle Length Prints
Georgette Mini Pleats - Half Sleeve with Collar
Magic Crush Georgette - Blouse*
Magic Crush Georgette - Short Sleeve with Collar*
Magic Crush - Reversible Button Up Vests
Chiffon Scarf Vest/Cape (Style 1)
Silky Button Poncho/Cape (Six Button Chiffon)
Silky Dress Scarves
Chiffon Scarf Vests (Style 2)
Infinity Scarves - Victorian Lace Confetti
Crepe Vests (Style 2)
Confetti Thread Necklace with Magnetic Clasp
Art Crush Cardigan - Modern Abstract Design
Beaded Evening Poncho
Vests - Solid w/ Lace Detail SN452 (Style 2)*
Art Crush - Swing Jacket
Art Crush Cardigan - Prints - Woman Size
Brushed Fiber Leggings - Ankle Length Solids
Poncho - Rayon w/ Tassels 590
Ruana Capes - Sparkle Metallic 7431
Pleated Wide Leg Pants - Georgette
Shawls - Boutique Charmeuse
Magnetic Brooches - Artful Design - Plain Back
Brushed Fiber Tunics
Crossbody Bags & Matching Wristlets
Chiffon Kimono - Tropical Print 9269
Poncho - Solid Cashmere Feel 8672
Cashmere Feel Shawls with Buttons
Pashmina Style Shawls with Buttons
Kimono - Solid w/ Tassels & Pockets 9771
Brushed Satin Scarf Vests (Style 2)
Art Design Shawls with Buttons
Shawl - Cotton/Silk #100 with Scarf Buckle Ring
Art Design Shawls (Without Buttons)
American Flag Kimono Vests
Kimono - Satin Charmeuse 1294 & 1295
Kimono - Multi Texture Mesh w/ Belt 1314 & 1315
Kimono Style Cover-up - Crochet with Tie 1316
Chiffon Kimono - Solid w/ Reptile Border 1317