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Jewelry & Accessories

Complete your outfit and compliment your look with some of these great accessories.

Fall/Winter Hats & Headwear
Crossbody Bags, Wristlets & Coin Purses
Sunglasses and Reading Glasses
Summer Hats
Shanghai Beaded Scarves & Infinities
Headbands & Scrunchies
Leg Warmers & Boot Toppers
Winter Hats and Gloves
Shanghai Beaded Triangle
Fashion Necklace & Earring Sets 794
Belts - Metal & Chain*
Scarf Rings and Buckles
Jersey Knit Necklace with Magnetic Clasp 1541
Slinky Stretch Belts* 1639
Crystal Stretch Belts
Shanghai Beaded Scarves/Sash
Chiffon Magnet Necklace w/ Optional Pendant 1814
Shanghai Beaded Infinity Scarves
Satin Fabric Necklace 1818
Scarf Pendants
Magnetic Brooches - Small Double Sided 1970
Oblong Scarves - Vermont Waterfall 002
Pendant on Chain Necklace - Goddess of the Moon
Fashion Stretch Belts
Nine Button Leg Warmers 264x111
Three Button Leg Warmers 264x113
Leaf Leg Warmers with Button & Lace 264x105
Touch Screen Smart Gloves - Fleece Lined 2390
C Leg Warmers 5071
Six Button Leg Warmers 5090
Summer Hats
Tie Dye Scarf Necklace LN4756
Tie Dye Scarf Necklace LN4756
Fingerless Gloves
Shanghai Beaded Fishnet Vest
Magnetic Eyeglass Holder
Mini Magnetic Scarf Pins
Starburst Magnetic Brooches - Double Sided 2907
Magnetic Brooches - Artful Design  - 2997
Fall and Winter Brimmed Hats and Caps 2999
Crossbody Bags & Matching Wristlets 3057
Shanghai Beaded with Magnetic Clasp 3129
Fur Crossbody Bags & Coin Purses
Gloves - Faux Rabbit Trim LC02
Sarong Ring/Scarf Buckle 3233
Puckered Fabric Canvas Tote Bags
Scrunchies - Bubble Satin (Jelly Donuts)
Set - Bubble Satin Scarf/Scrunchie 3427
Tote - Art Designs (MINA) T400
Knitted Touch Screen Gloves - 052