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Cyber Monday Deals

Original Moa Boa Magic Scarves
Boutique Edition Magic Scarves
Childrens Moa Boa Magic Scarf Sets
Gourmet Popcorn - Long Sleeve
Gourmet Popcorn - Three Quarter Sleeve
Coin Fishscale - Long Sleeve
Queen - Gourmet Popcorn - Three Quarter Sleeve
Pinpoint Popcorn - Three Quarter Sleeve
Origami Headbands*
Spike Popcorn - Three Quarter Sleeve
Quilted Reversible Vests
Gourmet Popcorn - Three Button 3/4 Sleeve
Magic Crush - Reversible Jackets
Button Scarves - Velvet Vintage Rose*
Pinpoint Coin - Three Quarter Sleeve
Coin Fishscale - Three Quarter Sleeve
C Shawls - Ruffle Knit CB022
Abstract Petal Tops with Sequins - Three Quarter Sleeve
Belts - Metal & Chain*
Slinky Travel Skirts*
Slinky Spandex Weave Poncho*
Satin Mini Pleats - Three Quarter Sleeve w/ Collar
Ruana Capes - Velvet Vintage Rose
Slinky Style Tops - Beaded Long Sleeve*
Coin Prints - Long Sleeve
Oblong Scarves - Velvet Vintage Rose*
Shawls - Velvet Vintage Rose
Triangles - Velvet Vintage Rose
Slinky Travel Tops - Mock Cardigan*
Slinky Scarf/Sash*
Satin Crushed Car Coat *
Satin Crushed Trench Coat w/ Belt
Magic Convertible Ribbed Sweater
Diamond Zipper Vests
Slinky Smoke Ring*
Satin Mini Pleats - Three Quarter w/ Collar Dress
Jersey Knit Necklace with Magnetic Clasp
Wave Satin Mini Pleats - Three Quarter Sleeve*
Crystal Zipper Sweater*
Crystal Zipper Sweater Vest*
Slinky Stretch Belts*
Oblong Scarves - Ribbed Sweater Knit
Slinky Travel Top with Brass Buttons*
Shanghai Beaded Scarves/Sash
Satin Petal Shirts - 3/4 Sleeve w/ Sequins
Chiffon Magnet Necklace w/ Optional Pendant
Satin Magnet Necklace with Optional Pendant
Infinity Scarves - Knit Sequined 4308*
Slinky Travel Zipper Vest with Hood*
Slinky Travel Zipper Jacket*
C Oblong Scarves - Long Plush Knit 4328*
Scarf & Hat Set - Knit Sequined 5007
Big Scarves/Shawls - Multi Color 026*
C Shawls - Herringbone 1004
C Oblong Scarves - Long Two Way Knit Tube*
Palazzo Pants
C Nine Button Leg Warmers 264x111
C Leg Warmers 5071
C Six Button Leg Warmers 5090
Faux Suede Vests
Magic Tummy Control SmoothWear Pants
Ruana Capes - Two Tone Knit w/ Tassel 8644
C Shawls - Reversible Plaid to Check 14092
Ruana Capes - Fishnet Metallic 6601
Jeweled Leggings
Vest/Cape - Circle Cut Solid PN272 (Style 1)
Sweater Cardigan - Wave Cable Knit 8808*
Sweater Coats - Drape 8809*
C Ruana Capes - Tweed 8819
Infinity Scarves - Soft Knit Lurex w/ Fringe 8888
Wide Leg Leisure Pants
Shanghai Beaded Fishnet Vest
Mini Magnetic Brooch Pins
Crepe Vests - 1310
Sweater Cardigan - Geometric Pattern 0147
Ruana Capes - Knit Hoodie 9146
Vests - Faux Suede Tasseled 8642
Cozy Shrugs and Knitted Capes
Oblong Shawls - Reversible Pleated 3072 & 3073
Vests - Faux Mink w/ Hood 8482
Vests - Eyelash Fur Design 8183
Shanghai Beaded with Magnetic Clasp (A.I.M.)
Oblong Shawls - Herringbone Ombre 8879
Vests - Herringbone w/ Fur Edge 9407
Knit Hat - Western Pattern 8718
Protective Masks - Origami
Protective Masks - Slinky Style