Button Scarves - Georgette Origami*

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Color/Stock#Qty. Color/Stock#Qty. Color/Stock#Qty.
Camel with Chocolate-Taupe Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-CCT _____ Light Teal with Teal-Flamingo Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-LTTF _____ Teal with Slate Blue-Lime Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-TSBL _____
Dark Brown with Brown-Robins Egg Blue Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-DBBREB _____ Pink with Royal-Flamingo Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-PRF _____ White with Cornflower Blue-White Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-WCBW _____
Dark Brown with Taupe Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-DBT _____ Plum with Plum-Spring Green Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-PPSG _____ White with Floral Print-White Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-WFPW _____
Green with Emerald-Lime Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-GEL _____ Purple with Eggplant-Turquoise Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-PET _____ White with Melon-White Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-WMW _____
Hot Pink with Orange-Flamingo Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-HPOF _____ Scarlet with Scarlet-Flamingo Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-SSF _____ _________________ _____
Hot Pink with Pink-White Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-HPCW _____ Spring Green with Coral-Spring Green Trim SCARF:CHBTN2-SGCSG _____ _________________ _____