Scarves/Sash - Shanghai Beaded

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Color/Stock#Qty. Color/Stock#Qty. Color/Stock#Qty.
Christmas w/ Pearls SCARF:BD-CHPE _____ Deep Plum-White w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL01 _____ Powder Blue-Navy w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL08 _____
Christmas w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-CHSI _____ Denim w/ Denim Beads (31) SCARF:BD-DEDE _____ Purple w/ AB Beads SCARF:BD-PUAB _____
Shanghai Scarves Sign - FREE Limit 2 per Order DSPLY:SIGN-SH _____ Denim w/ Silver Beads (26) SCARF:BD-BL _____ Purple w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-PU _____
Aqua-Coral Orange w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL10 _____ Dusty Rose w/ Silver Beads (12) SCARF:BD-DR _____ Purple-Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL20 _____
Azure w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-AZSI _____ Eggplant w/ AB Beads SCARF:BD-EGAB _____ Red w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-RDGD _____
Beige w/ Silver Beads (15) SC:0009-BE _____ Eggplant-Bright Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NCAA06 _____ Red-Bright Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL14 _____
Black w/ AB Beads SCARF:BD-BKAB _____ Forest Green-White w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL27 _____ Red-Orange w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL24 _____
Black w/ Gold Beads (35) SCARF:BD-BKGD _____ Fuchsia w/ Silver Beads (24) SC:0009-FU _____ Red-White w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL30 _____
Black w/ Red Beads SCARF:BD-BKRD _____ Harvest Gold w/ Silver Beads (21) SC:0009-HG _____ Royal Blue-Red w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL09 _____
Black w/ Silver Beads (6) SCARF:BD-BK _____ Hot Pink w/ Hot Pink Beads SCARF:BD-HPHP _____ Royal w/ AB Beads SCARF:BD-ROAB _____
Black-Antique Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL23 _____ Hot Pink w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-HP _____ Royal w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-ROGD _____
Black-Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL04 _____ Java w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-JVG _____ Royal w/ Silver Beads (18) SCARF:BD-RO _____
Black-Grey w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-BGS _____ Kelly Green w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-KGG _____ Rust w/ Silver Beads (23) SCARF:BD-RU _____
Black-Red w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL21 _____ Kelly Green w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-KG _____ Salmon Mousse w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-SM _____
Black-Teal w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL07 _____ Kelly Green-Bright Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL19 _____ Salmon w/ Silver Beads (13) SC:0009-SA _____
Black-White w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-BWS _____ Leaf Green w/ Silver Beads (25) SC:0009-LG _____ Scarlet-Grey w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NCAA02 _____
Blue-White w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NCAA07 _____ Lemon Citrus w/ Silver Beads (2) SCARF:BD-LE _____ Seafoam Green w/ Silver Beads SC:0009-SG _____
Brown-Orange w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL03 _____ Light Beige w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-LBGD _____ Silver w/ Silver Beads (28)* SCARF:BD-SI _____
Burgundy w/ Silver Beads (17) SCARF:BD-BU _____ Lilac w/ Silver Beads SC:0009-LI _____ Sky Blue w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-SB _____
Burgundy-Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL28 _____ Lime w/ Silver Beads (9) SCARF:BD-LI _____ Spearmint w/ Spearmint Beads SC:0505-SP _____
Burgundy-Harvest Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NCAA01 _____ Magenta w/ Silver Beads SC:0009-MA _____ Tan w/ Silver Beads (14) SCARF:BD-TASI _____
Carnation w/ Silver Beads (27) SC:0505-CA _____ Maize w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-MASI _____ Teal Green w/ Silver Beads SC:0505-TG _____
Celery w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-CEGD _____ Mardi Gras w/ AB Beads SCARF:BD-YPGAB _____ Teal w/ Silver Beads (11) SC:0009-TE _____
Celery w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-CESI _____ Merlot w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-MEGD _____ Turquoise w/ Silver Beads (8) SC:0009-TQ _____
Charcoal w/ Black Beads SCARF:BD-CHBK _____ Merlot w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-MESI _____ White w/ Black Beads SCARF:BD-WHBK _____
Chocolate Brown w/ Silver Beads (16) SCARF:BD-BR _____ Moss green w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-SGGD _____ White w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-WHGD _____
Crimson-White w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL29 _____ Navy-Antique Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL32 _____ White w/ Green Beads SCARF:BD-WHGR _____
Dark Brown w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-DBGD _____ Navy-Orange w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NCAA03 _____ Wine w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-WIGD _____
Dark Green w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-DGGD _____ Navy-White w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL25 _____ Yellow w/ Silver Beads (19) SC:0009-YE _____
Dark Grey w/ Grey Beads SCARF:BD-DGGY _____ Off-White w/ Silver Beads (7) SC:0009-OW _____ Baby Pink w/ Baby Pink Pearls (34) SCARF:BD-BPBP _____
Dark Grey w/ Silver Beads (5) SCARF:BD-DGSI _____ Olive w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-OLGD _____ Black w/ Pearls SCARF:BD-BKP _____
Dark Navy-Burnt Orange w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-NFL17 _____ Olive w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-OLSI _____ Ivory w/ Pearls (29) SCARF:BD-IVP _____
Dark Navy-Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NFL16 _____ Orange w/ Black Beads SCARF:BD-ORBK _____ Orange w/ Orange Pearls (33) SCARF:BD-OROR _____
Dark Olive w/ Silver Beads (4) SCARF:BD-OL _____ Orange w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-OR _____ Periwinkle w/ Periwinkle Pearls (32) SCARF:BD-PEPE _____
Dark Raspberry w/ Raspberry Beads SCARF:BD-DKR _____ Paprika w/ Black Beads SCARF:BD-PABK _____ Purple w/ Pearls SCARF:BD-PUP _____
Dark Red-Gold w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NCAA11 _____ Paprika w/ Silver Beads SC:0009-PA _____ Teal w/ Pearls SCARF:BD-TEP _____
Dark Turquoise w/ Silver Beads SCARF:BD-DTSI _____ Pink w/ Pink Beads SCARF:BD-PIPI _____ Teal w/ Teal Pearls (30) SCARF:BD-TLTL _____
Deep Green-White w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-NCAA05 _____ Plum w/ Gold Beads SCARF:BD-PLGD _____ _________________ _____