Magnetic Brooches-Small Double Sided

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Color/Stock#Qty. Color/Stock#Qty. Color/Stock#Qty.
Self Standing Display Sleeve PNDT:MB-DS _____ MB335 Turquoise (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-335TQ _____ MB402 Pink (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-402PK _____
MB307 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-3071 _____ MB336 Amber (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-336AM _____ MB402 Red (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-402RD _____
MB307 Burnt Orange (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-3073 _____ MB336 Black-Silver (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-336BK _____ MB403 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-403BK _____
MB307 Gold (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-3076 _____ MB336 Gold (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-336GO _____ MB403 Blue (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-403BL _____
MB307 Pink (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-3072 _____ MB336 White (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-336WH _____ MB403 Clear (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-403CL _____
MB307 Turquoise (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-3075 _____ MB337 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-337BK _____ MB403 Green (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-403GN _____
MB327 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-327BK _____ MB337 White (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-337WH _____ MB403 Pink (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-403PK _____
MB327 Clear (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-327WH _____ MB372 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-372BK _____ MB403 Red (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-403RD _____
MB330 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-330BK _____ MB372 Clear (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-372CL _____ MB404 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-404BK _____
MB330 Blue (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-330BL _____ MB400 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-400BK _____ MB404 Blue (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-404BL _____
MB331 (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-331 _____ MB400 Clear (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-400CL _____ MB404 Clear (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-404CL _____
MB333 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-333 _____ MB400 Gold (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-400GD _____ MB404 Green (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-404GN _____
MB334 Red (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-334RD _____ MB400 Red (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-400RD _____ MB404 Pink (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-404PK _____
MB335 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-335BK _____ MB400 Turquoise (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-400TQ _____ MB405 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-405BK _____
MB335 Green (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-335GN _____ MB401 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-401BK _____ MB405 Clear (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-405CL _____
MB335 Pink (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-335PK _____ MB402 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-402BK _____ MB406 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-406BK _____
MB335 Purple (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-335PU _____ MB402 Clear (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-402CL _____ MB407 Black (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-407BK _____
MB335 Red (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-335RD _____ MB402 Green (Double Sided) PNDT:MB-402GN _____ _________________ _____