Shawls - Beaded Triangle

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Color/Stock#Qty. Color/Stock#Qty. Color/Stock#Qty.
Beige w/ Silver Beads BT:C-BESI _____ Champagne w/ Silver Beads BT:C-CHSI _____ Red w/ Silver Beads BT:C-RDSI _____
Black w/ AB Beads BT:C-BKAB _____ Grey w/ Black Beads BT:C-GRBK _____ Royal w/ AB Beads BT:C-ROAB _____
Black w/ Black Beads BT:C-BKBK _____ Orange w/ Silver Beads BT:C-OR _____ Silver w/ Silver Beads BT:C-GYSI _____
Black w/ Gold Beads BT:C-BKGD _____ Purple w/ AB Beads BT:C-PUAB _____ Taupe w/ Black Beads BT:C-TPBK _____
Black w/ Silver Beads BT:C-BKSI _____ Purple w/ Silver Beads BT:C-PUSI _____ White w/ Black Beads BT:C-WHBK _____
Brown w/ Brown Beads BT:C-BRBR _____ Red w/ Gold Beads BT:C-RDGD _____ White w/ Silver Beads BT:C-WHSI _____