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Best Picks this Week!

This collection offers a glimpse of our favorite wardrobe staples. Simple, sophisticated cuts and soft, flattering fabrics add an elevated element to every day. Peruse separates, layers, accessories and outerwear in dynamic colors and prints.

Brushed Fiber Leggings
Boat Neck Tops
Slouchy Pocket Cardigans
Summer Kimonos
Flaired Top with Pockets 1630
Lace Sleeve Side Slit Tops - 5572
Modal Sleeveless Tops 8507
Sleeveless V-Neck Hi-Low Hem Top 5540
Sleeveless Hi-Lo Tops 5536
American Flag Kimonos
American Flag Scarves
Brushed Fiber Leggings - Ankle Length Prints SOL0
Origami - Blouses
Cotton Feel Oblong Summer Scarves
Infinity Scarves - Victorian Lace Confetti
Oblong Scarves - Victorian Lace Confetti
Vests - Spandex Blend (Style 2)
Summer Hats
Brushed Fiber Leggings - Ankle Length Solids SOL0S
Shawls - Boutique Charmeuse
Magnetic Brooches - Artful Design - Plain Back
Poncho - Solid Cashmere Feel 8672
Cashmere Feel Button Shawls (Jeweled Buttons)
Pashmina Style Shawls with Buttons
Poncho - Solid w/ Pom Pom 9442
SUEDE CLOTH Art Design Shawls with Buttons
Charmeuse Art Design Shawls with Buttons
COTTON TOUCH Art Design Shawls w/ Buttons
Boat Neck 3/4 Sleeve Flared Top w/ Pockets 1632
Boat Neck Hi-Lo Top w/ Wooden Buttons 2082
Cardigan - Woven Chiffon with Shoulder Pleat 2721
Tops - Short Sleeve Ruched Top 2056
Tops - Lace Sleeve Side Slit High-Low 5572
Tops - Lace Sleeve V-neck Dolphin Hem 5579
Tops - Round Neck Sleeveless Tunic w/Pockets 9926P
Slouchy Pocket Open Cardigan 1443
Tops - Long Sleeve Round Neck Pleated 1658
Tops -3PC SET-Cotton Top & Jogger with  Mask 32015
Set -Cotton V-Neck Top & Leggings 13011
Protective Masks - Cotton Blend Two Ply CMK/CPMK
Square Scarves - Light Satin Charmeuse 9907 / 9934
Cardigan Set - Lace Patch Slouchy Pocket 1446
Leggings - White Lattice-Hem High Waist Capri 5658
Tops - 3/4 Sleeve Round Neck Side Ruched 1887
Slouchy Pocket Open Cardigan Prints 320 and 900
Tops- Sleeveless Round Hem Prints 430
Half Sleeve Jogger Jumpsuit 43056
Jumpsuit - Back Keyhole Opening 3116
Slinky - Short Sleeve Sets SST
Kimono - Tropical Print 3106
Scarf - Paisley Light Wool 902 /904
Kimono - Paisley Bandana Print 3101
Poncho - Metallic Slinky 3100
Kimono - Tie Dye 9923
Hair Ties
Sleeveless Tunic Sets - 9926
Sets- Georgette Tunic with Leggings (GCST)
Set - Georgette Mini Pleat Half Sleeve V-Neck CHSS
Short Sleeve Side Wood Buttons Top 2031
Tote - Art Designs (MINA) T400