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Tops for Summer

"And so with the sunshine and the great
bursts of leaves growing on the trees,
just as things grow in fast movies,
I had that familiar conviction that life
was beginning over again with the summer."
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Origami - Sleeveless
Origami - Three Quarter Sleeve
Origami - Short Sleeve
Magic Crush Georgette - Three Quarter Sleeve*
Ultra Light Crush Silky Touch - Cap Sleeve 836
Ultra Light Crush Silky Touch - 3/4 Sleeve*
Magic Crush Georgette - Cap Sleeve*
Ultra Light Crush Silky Touch - Blouse 925
Georgette Mini Pleats - Cap Sleeve V-Neck
Georgette Mini Pleats - Half Sleeve V-Neck CHSS
Georgette Mini Pleats - Sleeveless
Georgette Mini Pleats - Spaghetti Tank
Georgette Mini Pleats-Cap Sleeve w/ Collar GCWCL
Origami - Cap Sleeve
Petal Shirts - Cap Sleeve
Petal Shirts - Three Quarter Sleeve
Petal Shirts - Queen Cap Sleeve
Slinky Travel Tops - Short Sleeve* 1247
Ultra Light Crush Silky Touch - Sleeveless 1254
Petal Shirts - Short Sleeve
Petal Shirts - Sleeveless
Petal Blouses 1258
Origami - Spaghetti Tank
Georgette Mini Pleats - Blouse CHBL
Georgette Mini Pleats - Ruffle Blouse
Georgette Mini Pleats - Half Sleeve with Collar
Georgette Mini Pleats - Cap Sleeve
Magic Crush Georgette - Sleeveless*
Magic Crush Georgette - Blouse*
Magic Crush Diamond Short Sleeve w/ Collar 1397
Magic Crush Georgette - Cap Sleeve Tunic*
Magic Crush Georgette - Three Quarter Sleeve Tunic
Georgette Mini Pleats - Half Sleeve Tunic
Magic Crush Georgette - Short Sleeve with Collar*
Combo Crush Georgette - Blouse & Sleeveless Set
Origami - Blouses
Magic Crush Cap Sleeve Tops
Tops - Short Sleeve Ruched Top 2056
Tops - Lace Sleeve Side Slit High-Low 5572
Tops - Lace Sleeve V-neck Dolphin Hem 5579
Tops - Luxe Rayon Lace Trim Hem Tunic 5640
Tops - Round Neck Sleeveless Tunic w/Pockets 9926P
Tops - Sleeveless Round Neck Side Ruched 1877
Tops - Criss-Cross Shoulder Side Split Hi-Low 1781
Tops- Sleeveless Round Hem Prints 430
Tops - Sleeveless Round Hem Solids 2100
Sets- Georgette Tunic with Leggings (GCST)
Sets-Georgette Mini Pleat Cap Sleeve GCWCL
Set - Georgette Mini Pleat Half Sleeve V-Neck CHSS
Ity Sleeveless Side Slit Top - 10030
Short Sleeve Side Wood Buttons Top 2031
Waterfall Sleeve Top 3138
Sleeveless Flared Top with Pockets - 1630
Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee 1008
Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee 2109
Sleeveless Side Wood Button Top 2030
Polka Dot Sleeveless Top 8082
Real Modal Sleeveless Tops #8507
Sleeveless V-Neck Hi-Low Hem Top 5540
Sleeveless Round Neck Hi-Low 5536
Gauze Round Neck High-Low Top 1043
Short Sleeve Round Hem V-Neck Tee #2104
Short Sleeve Boat Neck Flared Top w/ Pockets 1631
Short Sleeve V-Neck Flared Top w/ Pockets 1635
Short Sleeve V-Neck Leopard Print 8104