Best Picks this Week!

This collection offers a glimpse of our favorite wardrobe staples. Simple, sophisticated cuts and soft, flattering fabrics add an elevated element to every day. Peruse separates, layers, accessories and outerwear in dynamic colors and prints.

Brushed Fiber Leggings - Ankle Length Prints
Diamond Zipper Vests
Diamond Zipper Sweater*
Diamond Zipper Sweater Vest*
Silky Button Poncho/Cape
Silky Dress Scarves
Magnetic Brooches
Big Scarves/Shawls - Abstract 1260
Infinity Scarves - Victorian Lace Confetti
Oblong Scarves - Victorian Lace Confetti
Silky Button Shawl
Big Scarves/Shawls - Cotton Tartan Plaid 517
Vests - Acrylic/Spandex Blend (Style 2)
Summer Hats
Crepe Vests (Style 2)
Confetti Necklace with Magnetic Clasp
Big Scarves/Shawls - 1397
Art Crush - Swing Jacket
Kimono Vests - Chiffon PA1187
Brushed Fiber Leggings - Ankle Length Solids
Poncho - Two Tone Color Block 1085
Poncho - Acrylic/Spandex Blend w/ Tassels
Wide Leg Leisure Pants
Magic SmoothWear Tanks & Sleeveless
Knit Gloves - Button & Stitch 3509
Vests - Solid Rayon w/ Tassels 511
Hand Painted Eyeglasses 12 Packs