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Jewelry & Accessories

Complete your outfit and compliment your look with some of these great accessories.

Crossbody Bags, Wristlets & Coin Purses
Sunglasses and Reading Glasses
Summer Hats
Shanghai Beaded Scarves & Infinities
Headbands & Scrunchies
Shanghai Beaded Triangle
Hobo Bags (Popcorn Style)
Fashion Necklace & Earring Sets
Belts - Metal & Chain*
Scarf Rings and Buckles
Jersey Knit Necklace with Magnetic Clasp
Slinky Stretch Belts*
Crystal Stretch Belts
Shanghai Beaded Scarves/Sash
Chiffon Magnet Necklace w/ Optional Pendant
Shanghai Beaded Infinity Scarves
Satin Magnet Necklace with Optional Pendant
Scarf Pendants
Magnetic Brooches - Small Double Sided
Pendant on Chain Necklace - Goddess of the Moon
Fashion Stretch Belts
Summer Hats
Tie Dye Scarf Necklace LN4756
Shanghai Beaded Fishnet Vest
Magnetic Eyeglass Holder
Mini Magnetic Scarf Pins
Magnetic Brooches Starburst Design - Double Sided
Newsboy Caps*
Magnetic Brooches - Artful Design - Plain Back
Hats - 100 Percent Wool w/ Brim
Crossbody Bags & Matching Wristlets
Shanghai Beaded with Magnetic Clasp (A.I.M.)
SAVE Gloves - Faux Rabbit Trim LC02
Puckered Fabric Canvas Tote Bags
Scrunchies - Bubble Satin (Jelly Donuts)
Set - Magnetic Clasp Bubble Satin Scarf/Scrunchie
Tote - Art Designs (MINA) T400