Half price shipping on all services. We pay the difference

Shipping and Handling

Fast, Efficient and Half of the Published Rate

Domestic Shipping

United States and US Territories

Orders are shipped via UPS or via the US Post Office. FedEx is also available upon request.

Orders are processed and shipped quickly, generally on the same day.

We aim to get your order to you as fast as possible because we know it's importance for your business.

If your order contains items not yet in stock, we separate and transcribe the unavailable order items onto two or more orders with later ship dates.

We are alerted by our system when the items arrive and your package is ready to be processed.

International Shipping

Other Nations

Orders are shipped via UPS or via the US Postal Service. Duties and tariffs may be imposed on top of shipping fees depending up on the laws of the destination country.

Expedited Shipping

For Urgent Orders

Shipping may be upgraded to 1 Day, 2 Day , or 3 Day service for an additional fee determined by the courier. Please let us know the urngency of the delivery and we will select the appropriate upgrade.

We share the additional cost by paying 60% of the published rate.

Shipping Fees

We find the best and most appropriate courier, usually either UPS or USPS. We look for the best combination of speed and cost. Often very small packages are best handled by USPS in a very cost-effective manner. UPS is the preferred courier for larger deliveries.