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Best Picks this Week!

SmoothWear Basics
Scarves/Sash - Shanghai Beaded
Chiffon Vests (Style 1)
Infinity Scarves - Shanghai Beaded
Silky Dress Scarves - Chiffon
Chiffon Vests (Style 2)
Infinity Silky Dress Scarves - Chiffon
Silky Button Shawl
Jersey Knit Vests - Striped 8557
Jersey Knit Vests - Solid Color 8530
Chiffon Kimono Jacket HCS
Kimono Vests - Fringed JP
Crepe Vests (Style 2)
Confetti Necklace with Magnetic Clasp
Jewelry Infinity Silky Dress Scarves
Silky Dress Scarves - Metal Tassel 8015
Silky Dress Scarves - Leather Tassel 9001
Art Crush Cardigan - Modern Abstract Design
Silky Dress Scarves w/ Fringe - Chiffon
Art Crush - Swing Jacket
Kimono Vests - Chiffon PA1187
Kimono Tasseled - Pineapple & Polka Dot JP593
Kimono Tasseled - Paisley JP531
Kimono Tasseled - Geometric JP530
Poncho - Geometric Tasseled JP554
Chiffon Poncho with Buttons - Animal Print JP558
Kimono Tasseled - Palm Tree X004 JP597
Vests - Circle Design Solid PN272 (Style 1)
Art Crush Cardigan - Prints